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At ReillyWorks, we build Mixed Reality Story World Experiences.  That means we make products that combine the best elements of the digital and physical worlds


We created a platform, CARPE´™ that blends Story, Augmented Reality, and Smart Objects  to create experiences where people Play Together.


Our Projects.


Squirel Smash! is a mini game highlighting the CARPE´platform. .  This is a fast paced version of Simon Says meets Wack-a-Mole  in a Pokémon Go type AR world. 

Play with WinkleBeans, a small tribe of adventurous, wooden monsters. WinkleBeans embedded sensors relay information in real time to the AR app allowing the physical object in the child’s hand to move digital objects, talk with digital creatures, and collect the shards unlocking more of the WinkleBeans’ world.

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