Project no.1

Watch our Demo: To highlight how CARPE´ platform works. This demo is a fast paced version of Simon Says meets Wackamole in a Pokemon Go type AR world.  .


The three components working in the CARPE´platform….

  • A Smart Kit – which in this case are the SMART rings that have LEDs and an Accelerometer talking with the

  • Bluetooth Sensors which are the Inflatable Play Pieces, allowing for each player to be individually recognized

  • These work with a SDK offering unlimited design for play and make modes and pushes AR applications beyond object recognition, capturing the aspect that has proven to be hard for mobile app programmers -- AR’s interaction with Internet of Things hardware.

CARPE´offers endless opportunities for social collaboration and the demo is an example of building CARPE´s engine that focuses on

  • Accessibility with only 1 mobile device needed for many to play together,

  • Customization allowing for the rings and other objects in the smart kit to be reused and remixed for different games and storytelling

  • All in a safe environment that adheres to COPPA and GDPR guidelines with no need for Internet or Data Usage to play outside.

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